Can You Make Money With Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields is a more than a decade-old company founded by Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan in 2002. The company produces skin-care based products, and in 2010, they were feted as ‘Rising Star’ in recognition of their skincare products and provision of business opportunities.

Their skincare products are designed to combat the loss of skin firmness, fight acne and post-acne marks, reverse the effects of discoloration and dullness, soothe the skin, as well as provide anti-aging products that grant persons a younger look.

Selling these products provides a lucrative business opportunity to many people.

Rodan and Fields OpportunityYES! Rodan & Fields grant an income opportunity for those that can market their company or its products.

5 Ways You Can Get Paid With Rodan+Fields:

1) Retail Profit

Rodan $ Fields’ consultants can generate income from the products that they sell. A consultant buys the products at a discounted price and then sells the product at a retail price. The consultant keeps the difference between the purchase price and retail price as profit. For example, if the consultant bought a product at $145 and was able to sell it at $193, the profit will be $48.

2) Consultant Commissionsctive

Active consultants can generate income through commissions. That means that the consultant has to have at least a 100 Sales Volume in each commission period so as to become and remain active. The consultant will then be able to earn 10% of commission from level 1 consultants whom he has personally sponsored.

3) Personal Team Commissions

Consultants who receive this kind of payment must in each commission period have at least 600 Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume. The consultants who meet the threshold are then eligible to earn five percent of all commissionable volume achieved by the customers and consultant’s team.

4) Generation Commissions

After achieving all the payouts mentioned above, you are now competent to help a person you sponsored climb as well to his third payout type (personal Team Commissions). The consultant you sponsored will, in turn, have his or her team transferred to what is known as your ‘Generation 1.’ From then on the consultant will be eligible to rake in a 5% commission on all the consultant’s Generation 1 personal volumes.

5) Performance Bonuses

This kind of payout is designed for only those who reside in the United States of America. The consultants here stand a chance to earn bonuses or rewards for exceptional performances. The bonuses may include residual income or a paid-for vehicle. The payout is sometimes like a performance lottery.

As can be seen already, people can enroll in the program and make very decent money with the Rodan & Fields Business Opportunity.

When getting involved or affiliated with the Rodan & Fields business opportunity, the consultants ought to understand that they are opening a business for themselves. And all businesses need some form of capital to begin. The advantage of a business like the Rodan and Fields Business Opportunity is that it is cheaper, and the consultants usually work for themselves from home- and that is why it is called a Home-Based Business.

There are four ways a person can get affiliated with the Rodan and Fields:

Express Business Kit that goes for $995.

Express Business Kit Rodan and FieldsThe kit features 4 regimens overall that are valued to close to $1800, a business portfolio, product catalogs, anti-age before and after posters, and a variety of other things that can help the consultant to get started and to begin making money immediately.

Big Business Launch Kit valued at $695.

Big Business Launch Kit Rodan and FieldsIt contains all 4 regimens overall that are valued to around $1300. It also comes with the same things that are given in the express kit- however, much less.

Personal Results Kit costing $394.

Personal Results Kit Rodan and FieldsIt comes with 4 Regimens costing around $500. This kit also has the same things as the Big Business and Express Business Launch kits- but again, it has much less.

The Business Portfolio costs a measly $45.

The Business PortfolioThe consultant gets it and he is able to get the Business Portfolio in addition to the above-mentioned kits as well as catalogs, worksheets, products, and many more. Etc. However, this is the entry-level option available to a person willing to hit out with Rodan+Fields Opportunity as a consultant. All that the kit has is an in-depth information pertaining to the company itself.

There is a large percentage of Rodan and Fields consultants who make between $500 and $3000 of extra income every month and only work sometimes for just an hour a day on their Rodan and Fields business.

Rodan and Fields Independent Distributor

These consultants are not your typical high-pressure sales-type people. They work online and from home, and most of them just do simple things such as:

  • Make a regular daily post on their Facebook accounts informing people that they (the consultants) are still selling their Rodan and Fields products actively.
  • Direct message a few Facebook friends in an effort to sell the Rodan and Fields products;
  • They occasionally organize an event where people come see, smell and try the products.
  • Leveraging online resources and platforms such as blogs, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, website, to market the products to a waiting audience. There is no doubt: if a consultant uses these tools well and actively, he’ll see his sales volume grow exponentially.

According to a Harvard Business School case study, the Rodan and Fields Business Opportunity is a ‘ONCE IN A LIFETIME’ opportunity because of the following reasons:

  • The Rodanand Fields products are consumable. This implies that the products get used up and people need to reorder.
  • The Rodan and Fields company is more than 18 months old. This lends credence to its operations as it is actually five years old. Most companies, according to the Harvard Business School, collapse within the first eighteen months.
  • There are only 25000 active Rodan and Fields consultants. Considering the vastness of the market, 25000 is just a drop in the ocean- meaning, those consultants who join now are poised to make huge monies as more and more people worldwide enroll to be consultants.

Besides, the Rodan + Fields consultants indirectly enjoy a ton of free press. Several magazines and TV spots have been mentioning R + F products favorably: Vogue, Style, Brides Magazine etc. Therefore, this is a business opportunity that anybody can seize and make decent money.

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