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The world of beauty products is incomplete without anti-aging products. Continuing the evolution of ways and means to improve skin texture and look young, Rodan and Fields has come up with a toll set that contains a roller for the skin. As the name suggests, the roller looks very similar to a small paint roller we use for our walls.

Ellen Rodan and fields roller

This tool set is very different from the anti-aging products presently available on the market. Hence it has created a new curiosity amongst customers who are eager to know what the product offers and whether it can be expected to work. A brief review of this product is bound to be of help.

What The Purpose Of The Roller?

Roller and Serum Rodan+FieldsThis innovative roller comprises of needles similar to those used for acupuncture. These needles are made up of stainless steel of surgical grade and used for creating micro punctures in the top layer of skin. The roller needs to be used in a particular way for this to happen properly. The exact instructions about how to use the roller are available on the packaging and it is fairly straight-forward.

While the roller is not the actual anti-aging treatment, it acts as a catalyst by making the skin more receptive to the cream and serum that are going to be used. Along with the roller there are Night Renewing Serum, AMP MD Purification Tablets and vial. It is also recommended to use Overnight Restorative Cream to get the maximum benefit out of the product.

How To Apply The Roller

The roller is supposed to be rolled on skin at least three nights every week. Since the needles hurt on skin, this rolling needs to be done with moderate pressure that keeps the rolling comfortable. The roller is run across on the face in different directions making at least four passes so that the puncturing of skin happens well. Post that the Night Renewing Serum is applied.

Talking about the anti-aging Night Renewing Serum, it is packaged in individual, single-use capsules making them hygienic and safe to use on freshly punctured skin. The serum basically contains retinol and has a silky texture. It also contains cyclopentasiloxane which is a silicone. A word of caution here that silicone can cause allergies in some and be toxic at times. There is also a collagen boosting peptide which is good for firming the skin.

Does It Really Work?

Different women have tried the product and most of them have found it to be useful. They have shared the results of their skin before and after the usage of this tool kit and some of the key findings reported have been –

  • Women who used the roller found softer skin after a period of four weeks. Their skin was also firmer than before using the product.
  • Some women who found the roller usage painful and only used the serum and overnight restoration cream also reported firmness in their skin after the usage of the product. The softness of their skin was not as good as the ones who used roller.
  • Women who used the roller and the serum and cream did not find any shrinking of pores on their skin.

All the users of the product found the serum and the cream to act as good moisturizers for their skin.


Before and after rodan and fields rollerSo it can be concluded that there is some improvement in skin by using this toolkit. Priced above $200, the product can be obtained at different prices at different stores. If you can lay your hand on the product for any price lower than $200, then consider it at the best price. Only the serum without the roller is also available in the market for $89 for 60 capsules of the serum.


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The product is available at amazon and can be purchased under low price deals whenever there is one. Else it can also be ordered online from Rodan and Fields website. With a product as expensive as this, it might be a great idea to check if you can find a free sample before making a purchase.

The concept of micro needles for face is not very old in the skin care industry and apart from being painful, it can lead to allergies and irritations. Having said that, the product can be given a try considering the benefit it has brought to other women. Our advice, use it with caution and continue usage only if your skin does not react oddly to the product.