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The Soothe range of products is especially designed for the sensitive skin type in order to alleviate redness and skin irritation. The regimen includes the use of clinically proven ingredients with a peptide technology to effectively protect against environmental and biological aggressors, which cause flaky skin. The result is an even toned, healthy complexion each day. Below is the Rodan and fields soothe review.

Sooth Regimen Kit Rodan and Fields

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How Do  You Apply Soothe

The Soothe regimen includes four steps, which have to be implemented daily for one month in order to get visible results. The products are all labeled with the numbers based on which product to apply first.

It takes about 10 minutes to apply the products correctly.

Soothe Gentle Cream Face Wash

Soothe Gentel Cream Rodan+FieldsThis has to be used twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It is ideal for sensitive skin and does not lather a lot. It effectively unclogs the pores and removes dead skin .Before applying the face wash, remove all the makeup using a makeup remover. For oily skin, wet your face, apply a dime-sized quantity onto the wet skin, and rub it in a circular motion to reach the far areas of the face. After applying rinse, the face thoroughly and pat dry it afterwards. For dry skin apply a pea-sized amount and use gauze to remove all the extra face wash. Rinse it off and pat it dry. The ingredients of thee face wash include Aloe Vera leaf juice ,Caffeine ,Xanthum Gum, water, Tropolone ,cholesterol and bisabolol.

Soothe Sensitive Treatment Cream

Soothe Sensitive Treatment Rodan+FieldsThis process involves a cream textured therapy, which instantly soothes and calms the sensitive skin. The lavender, chamomile flower extract, honey, sunflower seeds oil is ideal for sensitive skin. Damage skin can be purified using the right combination of lipids and peptides. The micro optics in the cream instantly restores and alleviates the redness of the skin. While applying a generous, quarter sized amount should be rubbed in a circular motion all over the face avoiding the eye area.

Soothe Moisture Replenishing Cream

Soothe Moisture Replenishing Cream Rodan+FieldsIs a rich formula, which hydrates the sensitive skin without making the skin greasy. This cream should be applied over the entirety of the face every evening and morning. The ingredients are grape seed oil , Xanthum Gum , Sodium hydrozide, Matricaria flower extract ,olive seed oil Canola oils and omega 3 are ideal to repair and restore all damaged and impure skin types .

Soothe Mineral Sunscreen Cream

Soothe Minetral Sunscreen Rodan+FieldsThis is the last step of the regimen. It should be applied every morning once before leaving the house. The sunscreen has to be applied every 3 hours whenever the skin is exposed to the sun. The SPF 30 in the sunscreen ensures the elimination of redness in the skin. The ingredients in the soothe sunscreen are titanium dioxide 2% and Zinc oxide, 12% as the active ingredients. Caprylyl Glycol, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, and glycerin are the inactive ingredients.

Are There Any Side Effects

The optical fibers and the titanium dioxide in the creams often leave a white caste on the skin, which gets in the way of applying make-up. The plant oils for fragrance may cause skin irritation in the sensitive skin types. The silicone dimethicone, which is an active ingredient in the cream, may cause contact dermatitis. Overall, the skin care regimen is extremely effective and is an excellent cure for redness. Check out more reviews here.

How Much Does The Soothe Cost?

Once you try the Soothe regimen for three weeks, you will find that the blotchy and red areas of your skin will completely vanish. Given the price of the product, it is a complete steal. The cream is an ideal cure for burst pimples and will cure them instantly. Even though it is not targeted towards curing acne, it still is an effective cure for it.

You will be surprised by the way; your skin feels after using the cream. If you want to buy the Rodan and fields Soothe skin care regimen, then you can go to their site and select the product from a variety of skin care products. Make sure to read the Rodan and fields soothe review before buying.

Soothe Regimen Before and After Rodan+Fields

*Results may vary from person to person.

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